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My dads new job

My dad got a New Job and it was going to be in the day time I was kind of sad. Because my dad was never had a job where he was working in the day. So I've been without my dad for about a week. I do see him in the morning and during the weekend. That's why I want it to be the end of the day so I can see my dad. And I'm going to get a new car. So I'm going to be at the car place for about 3 hours. And my parents are taking me to my grandma house so I'm really not. Going to see my dad intel like 3. Also it feels,weird not seeing my dad at home but. My dad does have spring break so my dad will be with me for the afternoon.

Race to wrigley

                                    When I woke up my feet felt the cold floor. I didn't want to eat food because it would slow me down at the race. All I could taste was my saliva. I opened the door with my freezing hand. It was so cold outside that I felt like a popsicle! I drove to the school and I realized I was a half hour early. I opened the door to get some fresh air but it was freezing so I ran back in the car and I put the heater and the warm air was blowing on my cold face. I made my nose twitch and it felt numb. When I saw the bus and saw my friend I high fived him with my cold hand.      I was walking up the stairs on the bus and I sat with my friend, Giancarlo. When we were on the bus I saw a lot of things like the Willis tower and a bunch of other towers. When we got there I saw a lot of people. I was very nervous and  I thought I was not going to make it to the end this is the word of the race. My feet felt the hard ground and my hands were sweaty when we star

My Character traits

I’m pretty simple person I like to ride my skateboard and my bike. My favorite subject is reading. I’m funny I’m nice. I also like to help people. My favorite sport is basketball. My favorite color is green. I feel like this year will be fun.

My uncles wedding

I went to a wedding for my uncle. I was really excited because I haven't been to a wedding in five years. after Church I got ready to go to the wedding. It was in Chicago so it was going to kind of a long drive. I have been to Chicago for years so To me it's not that much of a long drive. Once we got there. We Walked in to go to our seats, and we were kind of late well I mean once we got there we are only going for like 10 more minutes and then it was going to start. The seats had the w sign for the cubs and what was really cool is that we got to keep the flags. After a while the whatever you call guys at weddings. Then the bridesmaid came out. Most of the people there were taking picture when the bride came out with her father. Last the soon to be husband came out. They did the thing were they repeat what the man in the middle says. After they did all that people were talking and there were appetizers out. there was this one snack that was a homemade chicken nugget and a quar
One time I was nervous was when I was run a 3 mile race with my mom. I was like 8 so didn’t know much but I practice for a month also this was in the summer time so it was so hot . I did not what to do it but in kept practicing and practicing. So after a couple weeks the race was here that morning I was so nervous. So I didn’t what to eat because I was afraid that I was going to have a stomach ache. My dad drove me and my mom to the race there were a lot of people. I got out of the car and wal’ to the stand that had my number bib I ran the race it took me half an hour to run the race. They I went home had a sandwich and that was it