Right now it’s raining pretty hard and very windy. Also ms brezeak told me that this slice would be a good idea. So yeah Now it’s like, a week after that happened because I can’t come up with anything to write about but the rain is really cool and hopefully we will have more days like this in the next weeks.


     So over the weekend I went to petco to go look at some dogs that we're up for adoption there was this one beagle that looked really cool, when I walked up to it all it did was start to kiss me and just overall be a real warm soft dog. But it really sucked when i found out the someone was already gonna take it so hopefully that one day that I will see and get another dog.


My goal for 2018 is to be more organized in school because I loose my stuff sometimes and I want to be more organized. My plan for this is to have my stuff ready for the next day the night before. Also I plan to. Know what notebooks I need for the day so that’s my plan for 2018.


In ela i got a new keyboard for my iPad it was so cool it really reminds me of my old computer in forth grade ever since 5th grade i had an iPad i wish i still had a computer but there’s nothing i can do about it. On the keyboard I’m  able to turn the volume up and down and I can turn my i pad of with the keyboard. Hopefully don’t break it because then I will have to pay 80 dollars. One things that I don’t like is that you can’t take it home. That what I think of the new keyboards

What I’m grateful for

In the spirit of thanksgiving I’m going to say all of the things I’m greatful for the first one is my family because there always there for me and also my mom helps me with my homework. Next is my phone I’m greatful for my phone because now an days a lot of kids my age take atvatage of there phones but they should know that there are people that don’t have phones. The last thing is my house I’m so blessed that I have a roof over my head because there are people that don’t even have a home so I am very thankful for a house

Review of the play

I’m  not a musical person so it wasn’t the best in my opinion. But it did have a lot of color and I think they did a good good job making it. I also like how they switch from set to set so fast. Walking there was fun I got to walk with my friends and talk with them. When it was   Intermission my friend davyon gave a peice of candy then I almost ate it with the wrapper on then me and davyon started laughing so hard. The show was about to start again the end part was okay it was a funny and cool part that I liked.

Winter break

I’m probably not going to do much for winter break but me and my family might go downtown and to the museum but for the most part I’m just going to play video games watch t.v and if its nice out side i might go play basketball. The museum I’m going to is the museum of science of industry. Hopefully with the Christmas money i get i can get some things. One most winter breaks  I would  Usually  do the same thing every year